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Student Wellbeing and Support

At Matraville Sports High School we create nurturing teaching and learning environments that enable students to be healthy, happy, engaged, and successful. We consider our students’ ages, backgrounds, ability, and interests and provide students with a broad range of wellbeing opportunities.

We have a designated Wellbeing room where students can seek support, connect, and eat together. School counsellors are also on site 5 days a week.

Head Teacher of Wellbeing:

Zainab Bazzi


Matraville Sports High School offer a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our students.

Programs include

- Art Therapy- Art as therapy

- STRIVE Developing character-driven leaders (yr 7-8).

- RAISE Early intervention mentoring (yr 8-9)

- RAGE Emotional regulation support run by South Eastern Community Connect.

- Waves of Wellness Surf therapy.

- Waratahs Mentoring Rugby as wellbeing.

- Mobile Eyes Vision testing.

- Australian Dental Foundation Dental program.

- Purpose Project Social and Emotional skill building.

- Love Bites Respectful relationship program.

- PCYC Youth program Developing practical life skills.

- Sista Speak- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls Program.

- Clontarf Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys Program.

- My Voice Matters workshops- Enquiry based learning and student voice.

- Breakfast Club- Breakfast.

Our Wellbeing Team

- Deputy Principal: Traci Lewis (yr 7, 11, 12)

- Deputy Principal: Jason Garrido (year 8,9, 10)

- The Wellbeing and Health In-reach Nurse: Nicole Simpson

- Head Teacher of Wellbeing: Zainab Bazzi

- Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning: Tamara Amatto

- Head Teacher Inclusive Learning Centre: Rosemary Malouf

Wellbeing and Health In-Reach Nurse (WHIN): Nicole Simpson


- Aboriginal Learning & Engagement: Shallan Foster

Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO): Aunty Judy Foster

- Clontarf: Ben Jones, Martin Iti


- Year 12 Advisor: Alana Trovato

- Year 11 Advisor: Danny Tran

- Year 10 Advisor: Emily Grouse

- Year 9 Advisor: Alice Kriesler

- Year 8 Advisor: Alison Mccolich

- Year 7 Advisor: Paul Gallico


- Counsellor: Kate Taylor

- Counsellor: Kate Hurst


- Student Support Officer: Lauren Vosota

Careers Advisor: Alyssa Taylor


At Matraville Sports High School we utilise evidenced-based strategies that are strengths based, preventative and focus on early intervention. This includes strengthening students’ cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We achieve this through planning and decision-making during our fortnightly Wellbeing meetings.


If you are worried about your teenagers wellbeing then there are a few apps they can use to suit their particular situation. Encourage your teen to use the apps regularly by educating them on the benefits of healthy wellbeing.

Apps works closely with young people to design and deliver online tools that allow them to take control of their mental health and wellbeing.

ReachOut's Tools and Apps page is a collection of the ‘best apps for bodies and brains’ that are endorsed by professionals and reviewed by young people.

Young people can set goals related to mental health and wellbeing and will be given recommendations of apps that might be helpful.


DET Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

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The Head Space website offers information for the young person, parent/carer, educator or Health Practitioner.

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