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Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

Talented Sports Program (TSP) Code of Conduct

As a student-athlete at Matraville Sports High School, you must meet the below requirements in regards to your conduct at school and during any such activity or event:

  1. Maintain 85% minimum attendance at school across all subjects including TSP. In the case of injury, you are required to keep the school updated with your recovery period (notes from home or medical certificates) and be medically cleared to participate in any form of training or competition

  2. Wear full school uniform daily and bring your TSP uniform to wear during training sessions only

  3. Be punctual to all training sessions including mornings and comply with the directives of staff. This includes full participation in athlete testing across the year

  4. Demonstrate a high level of application to schoolwork. Outstanding classwork, homework and assessment tasks may result in being made ineligible to represent the school in sport

  5. Grant permission for the school to discuss your academic progress, behaviour and attendance with external representative clubs and coaches

  6. Permission notes and associated costs for sporting events must be returned and paid prior to the day of the event

  7. Grant permission to publish and participate in any media obligations that may arise including the use of school social media

  8. Pay the required TSP fees each year. Failure to pay these fees will result in removal from the program. If a student decides to withdraw from the TSP, fees are non-refundable

  9. All student-athletes are subject to the school discipline policy. If a student has breached this agreement, that student will be placed on a TSP Improvement Plan for the duration of 5 weeks. Upon review, the student may be withdrawn entirely from TSP

  10. Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship at all times. This includes respectful verbal language and positive body language towards peers, staff, opposition, officials and spectators. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.


    To view TSP Code of conduct form, use the following link:

    Student code of conduct